Our prize winning Guy!!

Every year Overbury School http://www.overbury.worcs.sch.uk run a 'build a Guy' competition, we have entered in the past and thought we would try again this year.This was our entry, he  took 2 days to create and was the work of LOTS of children, working together.

We were given a suit used for spraying the crops and straw from the farm and the children decorated the suit with their own drawings


and then they had great fun stuffing him!

(So much so we carried on playing with the straw with the farm animals both inside and out for at least a week!!)


Francesca drew a face on a paper plate and he had a hat and scarf to keep him warm! AND WE WON!! The person who judged the competition said our entry won because you could tell it was all the children's work (That is what we are all about at Grasshoppers - 'process not product', what is important is that the children enjoy what they are doing, not that what they make is a pristine work of art!http://www.ooeygooey.com/handouts/art.pdf)


We had visited the bonfire site as it was being built on our walks...


... and lots of the nursery children were there on the night to see our Guy taking pride of place on top of the bonfire.

The prize for winning the competition was getting to light the bonfire so Sharron and Piers had safety goggles on and did the honours!

There was a fantastic fireworks display (they seem to get better each year!), kindly donated by Bruce Bossom and £1185 was raised in total on the evening for the refurbishment of the village hall kitchen.