Shake Up your Wake Up!

We have been celebrating British Breakfast Week this week ,,learning where our favourite breakfast ingredients come from.

As not many of the nursery children regularly eat breakfast at nursery, we have been having 'breakfast snacks'!


On Monday we had weetabix and shredded wheat with milk and talked about cereal crops and dairy cows.

On Tuesday we had porridge and fruit, and the 2 year old group made their own, then used oats for messy play and making bird food. This also linked in to their recent activities about their favourite book 'Goldilocks and the 3 bears'.





On Wednesday we had an early snack of scrambled egg on toast before the 3 and 4 year olds and most of the 2 year olds were treated to a tractor ride to see the wheat growing.

It was really windy and quite rainy on top of the hill,but everyone had boots and coats on so we were able to get out and Farmer Jake led us into the wheat field

There wasn't that much to see this early in the year, but we have been promised a return visit just before harvest to see the changes for ourselves.

The children obviously took in what they were told in the rain and the mud. Over lunch one of the children told me that next time we visit the field the wheat will be as tall as the table and yellow!

That wasn't the end of our outdoor learning experience. We were then driven in the tractor and trailer (Grasshoppers' favourite form of transport!),to the grain store.


Again the children were lucky enough to be able to explore for themselves using all of their senses......

... we did have to retrieve some would be mountaineers and empty grain out of some wellies!

We were given a bag full of wheat and have already used it for messy play, pouring, filling and emptying and for imaginative pay as food for the toy animals and dinosaurs.

We have lots of feedback from parents verbal and via EYlog (so it is recorded in the children's assessment)

More of our 'Shake Up Your Wake Up! photos are currently showing on the digital frame at nursery - fun and learning indoors and out!