Outdoor Classroom

Despite the cold weather the 2yr olds have been outside for the last few Thursday mornings for our new Outdoor Classroom.

Wellies,waterproof, hats and gloves are needed.

The children have been digging for worms, cooking in the Mud Kitchen and hiding under the parachute.



We have be lucky enough to be given some log seats by Overbury Estate  that the children sit on for snack. http://www.overburyestate.co.uk


The children have been able to monitor the rainfall, play in the snow and go on a Mole Hunt.

They are developing their Physical skills, balancing, crawling, running and hiding, as well as rediscovering old favourites such as the balls and water play.

We have an agreement with Overbury School to use the playground, which enables the children to be "like the big children". Budding mountaineers in the making! http://www.overbury.worcs.sch.uk/index.php

Lots of lovely new skills are being developed as well as lots and lots of fun had by all.