Election day democracy in action!

On election day Thursday 7th May we had our own vote at Grasshoppers. There has been a  project to vote for Britain's National bird http://www.votenationalbird.com, so while the grown ups voted for the next prime minister, the children at Grasshoppers put their cross in the box of the bird they liked the best!

There was a list of 10 birds too vote for....

the robin, the blue tit, the mute swan, the wren,the blackbird, the barn owl, the puffin, the red kite, the hen harrier and the kingfisher.

The children were able to identify most of the birds, just the hen harrier and red kite were unknown to anyone.

 The 3 and 4 year olds voted first and then the 2 year olds had their say.........

our overall winner was.........

......the mute swan.

So that was the vote we recorded on the official website.

 At story time we had one of our  favourite books, which happens to be about one of the shortlisted 10, "Owl Babies". The children enjoy using the props to act out the well known story.

On their walk that day the older children went to the village hall to see the polling station. As well as seeing how and where to vote, they asked the officials there which bird they would choose... they went for the robin!

Voting is now closed but we will let you know the results in June!