Planting Week 11th - 15th May

The children really enjoyed planting plants, seeds and bulbs - thanks, in no small part, to  many kind donations received from parent and extended families.

At nursery,  we planted cress seeds and sunflowers that went home, we hope they are being looked after...

...we would like  to see photos to see how they are getting on – we have already had proof that at least two sunflowers are growing!!


Our home corner is now a garden centre. The children are getting lots of learning from all of the activities linked with our growing. We have new sensory bottles with seeds in for the youngest children, the simplest things are often the most fun!


And of course there has been lots of messy role play outside in the mud!


The 2 year olds have made a flower each and they have all been measured so that their flower (in the cloak room) is the same height as them!

There is lots of other related art work on the walls, from seed pictures and handprint pictures by the youngest children to accurate drawings by the oldest.


A group of children visited the kitchen garden in the pouring rain and saw the professionals at work and went into the greenhouse to see their tomato plants (as theirs are much bigger than the ones we have planted).They revisited the following week, (with cake they had baked to say 'thank you'). This time they planted carrot seeds with Leigh and Tom, which they are kindly keeping in their big greenhouse for us to visit and monitor their progress.

Back at nursery we have also planted bedding plants in pots to decorate our steps.

Two weeks later.... we are still planting!! well as doing our best to keep things growing with regular watering!

We hope to keep the pots flowering throughout summer and look forward to trying the veg we have planted!!