A soggy so-long to the Class of 2015!

For the first time in 5 years our unique annual picnic was rained off! Instead of a picnic near the stream in the Park we had a party in the village hall.... ... but we still had ride on the children's favourite form of transport...tractor and trailer!

Almost all of our leavers were able to attend, and we were able to fit just about everyone on the trailer for a ride up the hill (not pausing to look at the idyllic spot where we would have picnicked, had it not rained ALL DAY!)


Back at the village hall everyone settled down to a lovely picnic. The children have learned that they need to eat their fruit and veg!!



But they also enjoyed sweet treats!


This year the children are taking home a very special book on their last day, with photos to help them to remember all of their outdoor learning experiences in years to come.


So at our usual prize giving at the party,  the children were  a leavers' scroll, bubbles and sweets.

Good Bye and Good Luck to the Class of 2015.

We will miss you but we know you are all ready for school!