Checking out the wheat!

Back in January,as part of British Breakfast week,we went to see the wheat at the top of the hill On Wednesday this week the children went to see how the crop had changed.

The nursery children joined the childrenon a baking activity day (finding out where the flour they had used to bake their scones comes from!) and were taken to the top of the hill in the tractor and trailer.

The children were able to get a really close look as they ran through the field (only in the tracks of the farm machinery!) and what a change from January!


Then the children went back to the grain store. When we went inJanuary there were mountains of wheat. This time they saw newly harvested barley and learned that that is what Dad's beer is made from!


The children were then able to have a close look at some of the farm machinery (some 3 year old boys' idea of heaven!)

A short rest on a bale of straw, then back to nursery to VERY EXCITEDLY share experiences with friends, staff and parents. Thanks Overbury Farms for the insider story!