Song Time

The children spend a lot of their time with the different age groups mixed together and this includes group time. So we often do singing and this enables the younger children to learn from the older ones. All of them enjoy it when we use props with our favourite songs.

We have had to adapt '5 Green and Speckled Frogs' to '5 Green and Yellow Frogs' to go with our frogs but the children love it, and whoever does "good singing" gets to jump one of the frogs into the pond.....

 and, as you can see,  some enter into it with great enthusiasm. The frogs are different sizes so the children learn about comparison and there's lots of counting and you can see how as they get older the children can work out how many are left, without waiting to count them with the whole group.  Why not learn the song and join in at home? (don't forget to alter the words though!)

Another favourite is '5 little ducks'. Again there's lots of counting and calculation,  but there are also duck noises so even those with very limited vocabularies can join in!

 In this song we reward 'good singing' with looking after a duckling (bribery and corruption work every time!). As you can see there are five different coloured ducks, squeezing learning about colours into this song too. It;'s another you can practise at home...

We also have song puppets too, two more counting songs we use them for are '5 currant buns' and '5 little men in a flying saucer'

I couldn't find a 'youtube' version with the happy ending we use, our last little man, looked up and down and decided her would stay! (and the children all shout hooray at the end - getting rhyming in too!)

The children love to hear their own names in stories and songs so we have also adapted the old favourite '2 little dickie birds'. Two children have a puppet each, the wall is my shoulders and we substitute the children's names for 'Peter and Paul" - it messes up the rhyme,but they love it...and when they 'fly away', it's the only time they are allowed to run inside!!