Grasshoppers' Special Recipe Book

Lots of the children's parents  have given us a recipe, which they enjoy making at home with their children. We have had quite a variety and are compiling a comprehensive cookery book with both sweet and savoury recipes.








Over the past couple of weeks, the children have enjoyed making ‘Ella Rose’s Leek and Potato Soup’ and 'Rosa's Breakfast Recipe.'

Ella Rose brought in herbs, which she grew in her garden, and we provided the other ingredients.

After consulting the recipe in our book, the children really enjoyed making the soup and eating it at snack time!! (there are photos of them making the soup on the digital frame in the hallway).



Chopping the herbs gave the children an opportunity to hone fine motor skils, measuring the ingredients  involved maths...



...and they all had to take turns (Personal and social development).




Rosa's recipe needed to be made and left overnight. So after more careful measuring, introduction to new ingredients (chia seeds) and more turn taking...

the mixture was left overnight.




The next day the oats had absorbed the milk and strawberries were added and again the children feasted at snack time.

Here are the 2 featured recipes;

Ella Rose's Soup Recipe

Rosa's Breakfast Recipe

There is still room in our cookery book for other ideas, so if you haven’t brought in a recipe yet we would love to have more. If you need any ideas you can have a look at what we already have for inspiration! Some of the recipes that have come in have come from, please let us know if you have found any other good sites.