Halloween Fun

We had our annual Halloween Party on Thursday 29th October and great fun was had by all - the children had a day of party activities dressed in such a variety of costumes and parents and grandparents all entered into the spirit of the fun and games!

When they dropped off the children, the parents were asked to see if they could do one of the games the children would be doing. They had to get the sweet from a plate of icing sugar, without using their hands - mums, dads and grandparents all were great sports!


(We hope no one attended high powered meetings with a face covered in icing sugar!!)


The children's costumes were lovely and very varied, from home made pumpkins and cats to dracula and (not too wicked or scary) witches and ghosts.


(Some were reticent at first but had a go later!)



Despite the rain, the children did a trick or treat walk around the village and came back with lots of goodies....

...including a halloween piñata...

Back at nursery the children had great fun hitting the pumpkin piñata to get the sweets out!!

Pumpkins were hollowed out and lit up in the evening and the children did the icing sugar game and played with balloons and had special snacks morning and afternoon!

While not everyone was in for the halloween party, halloween craft activities were carried with one and all!

The nursery looked so colourful with it's stained glass pumpkins in one window (tissue paper on sticky backed plastic, in case you want to try it at home!) and handprint spiders in the other

(an idea from pinterest https://www.pinterest.com). If you have any sites you use for craft ideas we would love to know.

More of the halloween pictures will be running on the digital frame this week.