Partying and gift giving

Christmas is all about celebration and the giving and receiving of gifts and the children at Grasshoppers had plenty of opportunities to experience all of these.We had our second Christmas lunch, provided by Class Catering Last year's Christmas lunch resulted in our deciding to have cooked lunches cooked at Overbury First School A year on and the children really enjoyed Christmas Lunch and we can report that cooked lunches throughout the year have been a hit with children and parents alike. Staff share a  social meal with the children just like at home!

We had our best attended party ever this year, almost not enough seats for everyone to sit and enjoy the party food! We were so happy to have so many parents and grandparents bring children, not due to attend on part day, in to share the fun!

After games and food we had some very special visitors, Father Christmas and his elf helper!

Most of the children were confident enough to collect their presents (and most remembered to say thank you without being prompted!) But some of youngest children needed the reassurance of family or staff.

We tried to teach the children that Christmas is not all about receiving presents. The children, from our one year olds to our after school club members, made Overbury Grasshoppers Mincemeat from apples picked in late Autumn Everyone took a jar home and it has been great to see EYlog reports of the children using it in Christmas baking at home!