Big Garden Bird Watch 4th Jan - 12th Feb

The children made more fat balls to feed the and encourage the birds to visit us,(just softened lard and bird seeds - but lots of messy fun in the making!)  They put them in our nature garden and went on bird watching walks as part of this year's 'Big Garden Bird Watch' children were uncharacteristically quiet as they employed all their senses to spot birds!

We spotted several pigeons in trees and were able to get quite close to one on the fence!

We also saw and heard crows, one very close to nursery!

In several gardens where food was put out,we saw blackbirds,tits and finches. We also looked in fields and ponds (no ducks!).


We know some families have been counting the birds in their gardens, we would love to find out which birds visited you!

While walking we also saw the year's first wild flowers, snowdrops. The children look at them closely but learn not to pick wild flowers.


We did try to count those growing in the church yard, but there were just too many!


Throughout the year, on our walks, we look out for various birds and wildflowers and learn to identify trees. There are some lovely resources on the Woodland Trust website you might like to check out to help your children to become 'nature detectives'!