Winter and Spring flowers

On our walks in late Winter/early Spring (all protected from the elements in our outdoor clothing)...

... we have found there are always flowers to look out for.

The 3 and 4 year olds took out Winter/Spring flower spotter sheets and managed to find all of the flowers on them - snowdrops, daffodils and primroses.

They learn so much about nature and taking care of things that are growing when out on walks, but their learning is developed in all areas by their outdoor exploration.

There were so many snowdrops in the church yard so maths skills came in very useful (and taking turns to let everyone try to count them!)

 Back at nursery the children looked through reference books and used the computer to find and print pictures of the flowers to help with their art work.

Then (more maths...) they counted out 5 petals (as we found on our walks and in the books that's how many primroses have!) and carefully cut them out (physical, fine motor skills).

They made beautiful collages to display and wrote their own names on their creations (literacy).

As part of their 'outdoor classroom' the 2 year olds went out to find daffodils after looking at the ones growing in our pots. They found lots and posed beautifully amongst them!

They came back and painted their own pictures talking about the colours and the parts of the flowers. One little boy was so pleased with his new found knowledge that we had a comment on his learning journey ( as he had told his mum about the stem of the daffodil!

The children know so much about technology from such an early age so the 2 year olds went on to use the computer to help them choose the flowers we will be growing in our tractor tyre raised beds.

So children of all ages have enjoyed outdoor exploration to give them the ideas for a beautiful display and have used so many skills in it's creation!!