Lambing 2016

The children at Grasshoppers are so lucky, having their own 'Lambing Live' trip has become an annual treat! (Thanks to Overbury Farms, luckily Reg and Jake were not too warn out to show us around after opening to the public the day before!!

We were able to take all of the children from 1 year olds to 4 year olds. They all really enjoyed the "bumpy tractor ride" and we saw lambs out in the fields as we drove up through the Park.

At the lambing sheds the children were able to explore.

They learned the difference between the straw (for the sheep and lamb's bedding) and hay (for their food). We brought a bag of each back with us to look at more closely and our toy farm animals are already much more comfortable!

We learned that the lambs with red numbers are singles and those with blue numbers are twins. There are lots of opportunities to extend the children's learning - new words such as 'twins', 'ewe' etc. (literacy) numbers on the lambs (mathematics).

There were some lambs who were early or a little 'poorly' and they needed a heat lamp to keep them warm - the children were interested and  concerned!


Another new word learned was orphan - some the children were lucky enough to feed an orphan lamb.

We also watched the ring being put on a new born's tail and learned that this will prevent it becoming matted and picking up nasty diseases. Then we saw the lamb have the tags on his ears fitted so that he cane identified.

What a lovely trip and so much learned, we sent our special thanks to Reg and his helpers in the form of  sheep shaped biscuits made by the children!