Sheep and lambs

Today we were lucky enough to visit the mummy sheep and their baby lambs.

The children have been talking about Spring and the changes we can see. this has led onto talking about the lambs that we have seen in the fields. The children made their own farm with sheep and lambs.

We went on the tractor and trailer on a visit to see the mummies and their babies.

The ride was lovely and bumpy and we saw lots of tress, horses and sheep on our way.

When we arrived at the sheds we lowered our voices so as not to frighten the mummy sheep and their lambs and we listened carefully to Jake as he told us all about the sheds and the animals.


Jake showed us this brand new lamb just born, how lucky were we to witness this miracle.


We then went to see some older lambs, they have numbers on them so that the shepherds know which baby belongs to which mummy. Its very hard when they all look the same.


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