Den building and nature

The children have been out and about in the woods building dens and collecting natural resources for them to be creative with.

The children have been in the woods exploring and making dens from the natural materials. They have been learning to work together as a team to get things done. They have also been gaining an awareness of mathematical terms including long, short, heavy, light, large and small.

There is of course always time for a bit of tree climbing.

The children were also supplied with some netting and tarpaulin to help in their den building challenge.

Learning to work together and share the load is a valuable lesson for the future. Especially important is learning to try even if you fail.

The children have also been collecting a variety of natural resources to use for creating artwork back at the nursery. Its surprising what you can find if you look hard enough.

They even managed to find a frog (we didn't use him in our artwork but left him where we found him.)

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