Pond dipping

Today the children have been on an adventure to discover what lives in the water.

The children set off to walk to the stream, on their way they played a game to find items from a list.

They had lots of things to find, some things to collect, some things to stand on and some things to sit on. 

They even manage to find some helpful people around the village.

We found some conkers

And we stood on a tree stump

When we arrived at the stream we set about using our fishing nets to see what we could catch.


We found lots of water creatures and insects. We were very careful when looking at them and put them back where we found them once we had finished.


We also made a dam in the stream to catch the water. ( We took it down before we left.)

Don't forget to have an adult present whenever you are near water and keep yourself safe, for more information click here

Rivers and streams are extremely important to find out more click here