British Food fortnight part 2

The children have been busy this week collecting vegetables and fruit ready for their baking session.


The children walked to the kitchen gardens to forage for some fruits and vegetables. They found some lovely onions.

The children used the flour that they milled last week to make some bread in a bag. They were able to mix it and squish it without getting their hands dirty.

The younger children made pastry with their flour, they rolled it out and added cheese before baking in the oven.

The children added the onions they had collected to the bread.

When it was baked we left it to cool.


The children then made a strawberry cake to share with our invited guests.

Billy came to share our bread, he had helped the children to mill the wheat.

Penelope came to sample the bread that was made from the wheat that she grows on her farm. To learn more about the farm click here