British food fortnight

The children have been out and about meeting Jake the farmer, Robert the head gardener and Billy the chef to find out about where food comes from and how we make the things we like to eat. British food fortnight runs from 23rd September to the 8th October click here for more details

The children set off to meet Jake the farmer to see what wheat looks like and find out how it is grown.

He told them all about how the wheat grows, how we use the combine harvester to bring it in and how it needs to be dried and stored. 

The children had a look at the wheat and held some to see what it felt like.


We then took the wheat to Billy who showed us the milling machine that he uses to turn wheat into flour.

Billy showed us how the machine works and where to put the wheat.


The children then took it in turns to put wheat into the mill and watch the flour come out into the dish.


Billy then showed the children how to remove the husk from the flour by sieving it. The children then brought the flour back to the nursery so that we can bake with it.


To learn more about where and how we teach children about where food comes from click here


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