Fire engine visit

Today we had a very special visit from the fire service who brought their fire engine to the nursery for a visit. 

The fire engine parked right outside the nursery so we could all go and have a look.


The fire fighters read us a story with their dog Colin. He had a bad paw because he had been very silly and burnt it on a lighter. The story was all about being safe around fires. 

The children then went out to the fire engine where they were able to try on the fire fighters helmets and sit in the cab.


We learned about the hose for putting fires out and that the engine carries lots of water. We had a go at pointing the hose but the fireman had to help because it was very powerful.

The hose is kept inside the engine on a large reel and we all needed to work together to pull it out.


As we had all been really good and listened well they turned the sirens on, they were really really loud and the lights flashed blue. The firefighters told us this was to warn other vehicles that they were in a hurry.


To find out more about fire safety click here to visit the Gloucestershire Fire and rescue website