The children found lots of twigs and branches from the trees on the ground and collected them up into a pretend bonfire. We set up our fire pit so that we could burn the bits for real. 

The children talked about safety and what to do around fires.

The children listened very carefully and followed all the instructions.


The children looked all around the garden for things to put on the bonfire.

They found pieces from the trees that had been blown off in the wind as well an old dolls house that had started to rot. We were careful when carrying the twigs so as not to poke anyone while transporting them. 

The children then helped to scrunch up some newspaper to help get the fire started.


The children watched as the adults lit the fire and stood well back. We had some water in a bucket just incase we needed to put it out quickly. 


The bonfire had lots of flames and some smoke which blew around in the wind.

After we had finished with our bonfire we all went inside for some hot chocolate to warm us up. 

It is really important that children learn and understand about risk (even though we do it in  a safe way) Are we becoming risk adverse having a detrimental effect on our children's development? 

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