We had a beautiful day for our visit to the CountryTastic show at the Three Counties show ground. 

Our day started with a trip on the minibus to the Three Counties show ground for the CountryTastic show.

On arrival at the show we were lucky enough to listen to Adam Henson give a talk where we learned all about the names of mummy and daddy animals as well as what their babies were called and meet the man himself. The children each had a book to collect stamps from the animals we visited. 

We saw some sheep with their baby lambs. They were so soft.

We then met a lovely baby goat who had tiny little horns and loved to be stroked. 

We found time to get creative and made our own sheep to take home using glue and cotton wool.


After a yummy picnic lunch we stopped to talk to a lady about her bees and the children asked lots of questions. 

The weather was so lovely that the children decided it was good time to stop for an icecream which the children demolished in no time.

After our refreshment break we went to meet Bryan and his stuffed animals.


He told us all about the naughty animals of the countryside and how to tell the difference between a weasel and a stoat. The children enjoyed speaking to Bryan and looking at all of the different animals. 

The next place we visited had lots of sheep but when the man told us they could dance we didn't believe him until he put the music on and they actually did. The children enjoyed dancing to the music also. 

Finally it was time to leave tired but happy after having learned lots and lots about our countryside. We are very much looking forward to next year.