Spring lambs

The children have been very lucky to visit the lambs today. Farmer Jake and Tim his tractor driver made time in their busy schedule to take the children to see the new lambs that have just been born. 

The children put on their wellingtons and boarded the trailer to be taken to the lambing sheds this morning. 

They had a guided tour of the various sheep pens to see all the mummy sheep.

Some of the sheep were busy eating whilst others were resting.

Some of the mummy sheep need some extra help for their lambs, this one is getting nice and warm under the heat lamb. 

Some of the mummy sheep had too many lambs so we helped out with the feeding to ensure they get big and strong. They really love their milk. 

Baby lambs learn to walk very quickly after being born, much quicker than we do as babies. 


This baby lamb was very shy and was hiding behind its mummy. 

Maria Montessori developed a theory that children learn much more effectively by being hands on rather than by being taught through books etc over 100 years ago. The children gain an understanding of the world around them by experiencing it, seeing how and why things work and by learning through making mistakes. To find out more about this type of education click here