When Summer visited

Summer arrived just as we finished the new mud kitchen so we took advantage of the weather to try it out. 

Lots of mixing, pouring, baking, measuring and weighing took place with the younger children fascinated by the water and the herbs etc. 

Some of the children chose to look for insects in the digging pit

Some played in the water tray and especially enjoyed it when the bubbles were added.

Some chose to get creative.

Whilst others used the quiet time to read a book in the sunshine.

The addition of our tinkering tap box, thanks to the estate building team, was especially interesting. The children found lots of uses for the taps and pipes. 

If children could design their own outside areas they would choose a much less structured environment where tyres can be cars or motorbikes, where pipes and tubes can be car tracks or water shoots and mud and grass become a delicious chocolate pudding. When using loose parts the possibilities are endless click loose parts to find out more.