Outdoor Classroom Day

Today the children have taken part in outdoor classroom day. We have been out walking using our senses to discover in our surroundings. 

The children carried some cardboard bits that they had finished with to the bonfire that was being built for Sundays Bonfire celebration. On the way we talked about long and short, heavy and light. The children practiced throwing the pieces onto the pile, seeing who could throw the furthest and highest. 


The children learned about spacial awareness when carrying long branches and how to risk assess their immediate environment. 


Some of the children discovered some flowers growing in the grass, they sniffed them to see if they could smell anything and we talked about not seeing many flowers now that the weather is getting colder. 


One of the children found a dandelion clock and showed us how to blow it. 

Some of the tree branches had lots of pine cones on them so we collected them to use back at nursery. There was lots of conversation about who had found the biggest, longest, shortest. fattest etc. 


When the tractor arrived we moved back to a safe distance and the children talked about what they could see and hear including the grabber, the beep beep and the noise from the engine. 

On our way back to the nursery we stopped to say hello to a friendly horse who put his head over the fence. The children talked about staying quiet so as not to frighten him.

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