Christmas is coming

The children have been for a ride on the tractor and trailer to select their Christmas tree for the nursery.

We climbed aboard the tractor and trailer and made sure we sat down so as to be safe for our trip to the Christmas tree wood. 

When we arrived we walked around the trees to find the perfect one, the children decided they would like a medium one, so we set about trying to find it. 


Some of the trees were very tall

Much too big for the nursery.

When we found the perfect one our lovely tractor driver cut it down for us. We then took it back to nursery ready to decorate.

The older children decorated the tree whilst the younger ones had a sleep.

Every one agreed that it looks amazing.


The tradition of decorating a Christmas tree is thought to be ancient and there are many different stories. To find out about some of them click here. In the 1840's and 50's Queen Victoria and Prince Albert popularised the tradition in England. Home made decorations always look great and the children love to be involved, for some simple ideas of things to make click here