Ofsted came to vist

On Friday 11th January Ofsted came to visit the nursery and we are pleased to say that we were rated good overall.

Some of the comments that we received include:-


"there are robust vetting and induction systems in place to ensure staff are suitable."

"parents report very high levels of satisfaction"

"on the occasions when practice is outstanding, staff have a very clear learning intention and they are imaginative in their approach, which enthuses children"

"Staff help children learn about the importance of eating a range of fruit, which they can pick from the orchard, and they learn about the importance of limiting sugar"

"children make good progress from their starting points and are well prepared for school"

"children thoroughly enjoy being physical as they jump, twist and squat in relation to the action pictures, cards and numbers the staff show them"

"children show a comprehensive knowledge of the local farm and hatchery and about living things."

"staff develop close relationships with children, and children are happy and confident"