Farm visit to see the lambs

Today the children were very lucky to be taken on the tractor and trailer to see the sheep with their new lambs.

We all got ready by putting our wellingtons on and eagerly awaited the arrival of the tractor and trailer. We climbed aboard and sat safely on the seats ready for the bumpy ride to the farm. When we arrived Reg the shepherd met us to tell us all about what was happening. 

Reg had his dogs with him who sat patiently on the quad whilst we had a look around. The dogs help Reg to look after the sheep when they are outside in the fields.


Reg told us that the sheep were lambing outside this year but if any needed a bit of help they brought them into the shed.

One of the lambs was cold this morning so Reg gave him a heat lamp to help him warm up.

There were lots of sheep that had given birth to triplets so some mummy sheep were tasked with looking after the extra lamb.

We then saw the mummy sheep who were waiting to have their baby lambs.

Some of them were very close to lambing.

The children watched quietly so as not to scare the animals

Some of the mummy sheep were making lots of noise calling to their baby lambs reminding them that they needed to drink some milk to make them big and strong. 

The children stopped to say hello to the new lambs but moved very slowly so that they would not be scared.

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