Leavers 2019

The children who will be leaving grasshoppers for school were very excited as we celebrated their learning journey with  a picnic party.

The tractor and trailer arrived to transport the children and their families to the picnic site.

It was a very bumpy ride but much enjoyed by all. 

The children had time to explore the fields and the stream at the bottom, especially nice as it was a warm evening. We lifted rocks and looked in the plants to see what we could see. For more information on fresh water habitats click here

Then it was time for a treasure hunt to find our names and pictures. We had to look really hard as they were well hidden.

After all the exercise we sat under the tree ready for our picnic. 


We even had a very special visitor.

Each of the leavers then received a very special book with lots of memories to treasure.

Everyone had an amazing time, some of the mummies even had a few tears. Good luck leavers of 2019, keep in touch and let us know how much you enjoy the next part of your journey. Click here for information on making transitions to school easier