Harvesting peas

We went to watch the combine harvester harvest the pea crop that has been growing near the nursery. We could hear it from the nursery so followed the sounds until we discovered it in a field nearby.

The children sat on the grass to watch the combine going up and down in straight lines collecting all the plants. The combine then separates the plant material from the peas, blowing the unwanted material back onto the ground, hence the dust, and saving the peas. 

Farmer Jake came to talk to us about the pea plants and showed us what happens inside the combine. He rubbed the pods in his hand to show how the peas are extracted.

He told us that the peas are very hard and you cant eat them like that, they have to go to a factory where they are cooked and turned into mushy peas.

Farmer Jake gave us some pea plants to bring back to nursery so that we could extract our own peas. The children enjoyed finding the pods then rubbing them in their hands to extract the peas.

We put the peas into a bowl so that we can compare them to some mushy peas next week. 

They were quite tricky to pick up and some of them tried to roll away.

If you would like to see the combine in action click here for videos and information on the other crops grown on the estate.