Kitchen gardens

The children have been visiting Sarah and Judith at the estates kitchen garden today as we have been talking about sensory smell and taste.

The children watched as Sarah explained how things grow and harvested a courgette for us to try at lunch time this week. 

Sarah and Judith showed us where the potatoes grow and harvested some tiny ones for us to have with our lunch.

Sarah gave us some herbs to smell and we took them back to nursery to make sensory play dough.

We made a pizza for lunch using the basil from the garden, it was delicious.

We cooked the potatoes and onion to eat as well

All the children had a try as they had seen where they had grown and Sarah had explained about the different smells and tastes. The children enjoyed the different smells and tastes and have reaped the benefits of growing, harvesting and eating fresh vegetables. To find out more click here

As a thank you we made some lavender shortbread for the gardeners to try, we also had some at break time and they were really yummy. If you want to have a go at making some click here