Welcome back

Today we welcomed back children whose parents are not key workers. 

The children have loved meeting up with staff and friends after the long period of isolation. They were very excited to see all the new additions to the nursery. They especially love the garden with the new straw bale and climbing log.

We have also been cooking our own lunches and the children have loved telling us what they like to eat and seeing it produced on their plate. We are hoping to further develop our meal times sourcing fresh, local and seasonal food to encourage children to think about what they eat.

Our new straw bale which we replaced after so much use we wore it away.

The climbing log which is hollow so we can hide as well.

Our latest project which will be grassed over to form humps for small world play and climbing.


All of these items provide endless opportunities for open ended play which is vital in helping children to learn to solve problems, take risks and experiment with new ideas. For more information click here