Great excitement at nursery today as 5 little pigs have arrived in their new home. 

The children went for a walk to visit the pigs that have arrived over the weekend.

It was quite warm today so the pigs were enjoying a mud bath. 

The children thought they were lovely and when we got back to nursery we read the story of the 3 little pigs (even though there were 5) and we built some houses for our pigs from the story.

If you would like to watch the three little pigs story click here

We then walked round to the gardens to see Harry and Judith to see what is growing and how our little patch of garden is getting on. 

Harry told us about the pigeons trying to eat the cabbages so they have put nets over them to protect them.

He told us about the onions and said he was going to plant some pumpkins in our part of the garden and that hopefully they will grow very big. 

Judith told us about the potatoes that are growing in the bags, we told her we have planted some at nursery as well and that they have started to grow. 


The rhubarb has been growing and Judith gave us a piece with a big leaf on.

The children love being in the gardens exploring and seeing all the lovely fruit, vegetables and flowers that have started to grow.