Overbury Enterprises is situated around the picturesque villages of Overbury and Conderton on the Southern sunny side of Bredon Hill.  The estate has been in the Holland-Martin family for almost 300 years.  There is an active, vibrant, sustainable community, through the family’s long term view,  and investment and innovation.

The villages of Overbury and Conderton are rich in history.  Particularly relevant to the nursery is the association of the Grasshopper logo, which is directly linked to the Holland-Martin family.

The origins of the Grasshopper’s association with banking goes back to the 1540s when Sir Thomas Gresham (1519-1579), regarded as the father of British banking, became involved in financing trade as well as arranging funding for the Monarchs of the day which in his period included Henry VIII and Queen Elizabeth I. The grasshopper emblem came from his family crest and was used to identify his banking premises in Lombard Street, to which he moved in the 1550s.  To read the full history click here.

Today the Estate is the hub of activities for Overbury Enterprises which is comprised of Overbury Farms, Overbury Old Village Shop and the various Overbury Estate based teams including:

·         Overbury Estate office team: covering accounts, administration & marketing, lettings, events, estate management and reception

·         Overbury Building & Maintenance Team; looking after property maintenance, joinery, walling, and fibre optic installations

·         Overbury Forestry Team; providing fire wood, and forestry maintenance

·         Overbury Gardening Team; providing village and estate communal space maintenance

The community website for details of church services, calendar of local events, links to local businesses and a blog of local news can be found here.  

The nursery school feeds into the adjacent Overbury First School.