Please take some time to read the kind words & recommendations from parents about Overbury Grasshoppers nursery. 

Incredibly Lucky

Our son has loved every minute of hiss time at Grasshoppers and will miss you all so much. He is very excited about starting school but will cherish the memories of his time with you. You have helped mould him into the beautiful little boy he is and for that, we are forever grateful. 


Rachel and David


No where quite like it...

Thank you so much for the amazing care you have given our son while he has been with you. He found the initial being left hard but you all helped him to settle so quickly and now he's so sad that it is his last day. You really are all amazing


Tash and Ash

fun days

We want to thank you all for the special that our boys have had with you. We are so proud of the little boy our eldest has become and thank you for the part you played. 


Warm, caring and supportive

Since moving to the area, we have been amazed by what a warm, caring and supportive environment Overbury Grasshoppers has been for both of our children. They spend lots of time outside exploring nature and this has already had a a positive effect on their health and wellbeing. The Grasshoppers team are so hardworking, yet always greet us all with a friendly smile. You can really see how much they care. We're so lucky that our children get to play and learn at such a wonderful nursery and cant thank you all enough.


Jenny and Gino


Keep up the good work

A huge thank you for your hard work and wonderful care of our daughter and son, especially during lockdown. Their enthusiasm to return to nursery is testament to the fun that they have with you. We always know that they will have engaging, enjoyable and varied days with you. Our daughter could not be more excited about starting school and we couldn't be happier that our son will continue to benefit from time with you. There aren't many nursery settings that benefit from combine harvesters in the fields around their setting.


Becky and Charlie

love of outdoors

A huge heartfelt thank you to each of you that have helped our son become the confident big boy that is ready to go on to school. He has enjoyed his time with you so much. We feel so lucky that he has been able to combine his love of the outdoors with his learning at nursery and that he always receives so much attention, listening and understanding  around the adventures he has had. We know that 2020 has been tough at times, your support and daily challenges made such a difference, we cant thank you enough. 


Tom and Catherine



We can't thank you enough for the support, kindness, care and love you have shown our daughter as well as ourselves during her time with you. We are beyond sad that her time at Grasshopper's has come to an end. We feel so very lucky to have had you to help form her early years, which have been both wonderful and challenging

Lara and Lloyd 

caring staff

Thank you so much for looking after our daughter over the past two years. She has been very lucky to have had the chance to attend such a lovely nursery with such caring people to look after her. She has learn't so much whilst being at nursery and has had the chance to experience such lovely things. We are very grateful for the time that you have put into caring for her and look forward to seeing you all again when our second daughter starts to attend.

John and Jane

truly outstanding

As our daughter leaves Grasshoppers for school I just wanted to say a heartfelt thank you for being a truly outstanding nursery team. I could not have wished for a more beautiful setting, the variety of activities she has had the opportunity to take part in was phenomenal. I was particularly jealous of the recent flower arranging. I hope you are all super proud of what you achieve  for the children. 


days full of adventure


Thank you so much for making our sons preschool days full of fun, adventure and happiness. He has learn't so many things about the world of friendships in squirrels and has many memories to cherish. He will miss everyone hugely.


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