Christmas songs

Singing is always a big part of our group times, thoroughly enjoyed by children of all ages.

In the run up to Christmas we had been practising a number of songs (some with our jingly accompaniment!) to perform at the Court for parents, villagers and the school children.

The hats the children made really added to the aahh factor on performance day, but the making of  these props had  provided  lots of learning opportunities. The older nursery children experimented mixing the three prime colours to make brown to paint Christmas pudding hats, and honed fine motor skills, cutting out holly berries to decorate them and the youngest children just enjoyed glitter and glue to make  their star hats.

Overbury First School came to nursery to sing their carols to us before setting off around the village, their final destination the Court where we were to join them.

The trek to the court was a walk we were able to enjoy with ALL of the nursery children. Some grandparents walked with us and when we arrived we were happy to see lots of children who don't attend on a Monday had brought their parents to bolster our numbers for the performance!!