Olympic Creatures!! August 16th

The Nursery children aged between 1 and 4 years old were joined by primary school aged children for a special visit from 'Zoolab'. We had giant insects, rodents and reptiles displaying their sporting prowess and the children of all ages sat transfixed for over an hour!!

   We were asked to guess which of the giant insects would win a race the millipede or cockroach and then shown the 'strongman  snail' carrying his home on his back.


The children were then given the opportunity to handle all three and most were very brave!!

The children were then able to get up close to the boa constricter, cane toad, rat and hermit crab.

Some parents arrived to take their children home before the creatures were put away and some of them were quite brave! The staff overcame some of their fears, although Sonya was relieved the tarantula stayed in it's little aquarium and Jenny took a back seat when the rat was available for handling!!