Bales and tractors!

Last week the wheat in the field visible from nursery's garden was harvested. The combining happened on Wednesday evening so we missed that, but we noticed the big round bales in the field next day and after seeking permission from Farmer Jake, we went over to have a look.

After a good run around the stubble field the

children were able to really explore.

Coincidentally they had been making spiral mobiles that morning and close examination of the big round bales showed they were huge spirals too!

Not only big, but heavy too - no matter how many children worked together they couldn't move them.

Next morning we saw something much better equipped to move the bales, hard at work in the field.

Of course we couldn't resist a closer look at three tractors at once!! So we took all of the children from 1- 9 years old, content to watch from a safe distance!!