I can make a rainbow and other challenges day 11 - 20

Today the children at nursery and home have started their day 20 challenge

The challenge today is to make a rainbow from things you can find around the house and garden.

The children at nursery have used toys, wellies, storage boxes and a variety of other things they have sourced. 

A massive thank you to all our parents who are key workers for keeping going and also to the parents who are staying at home to keep everyone safe, protect the NHS and hopefully help to get things back to normal as soon as possible. 

Other challenges have included carrying out household chores, taking a picture of yourself with crazy hair, making a bookmark with natural materials, making a plate garden, finding 10 things that are blue, dressing up in your favourite dressing up clothes, taking a picture with a pet or favourite cuddly toy, making a bug hotel and finding 5 things with numbers on.