Flower arranging

Our preschool children were offered the opportunity to learn about flower arranging this week from the very talented Sarah.

The children walked down to the estate gardens to meet up with Sarah, she talked to them about the flowers she had selected. The children were given the opportunity to arrange their own flowers to take home. 

There were so many different colours and smells to choose from.

The children have also been enjoying sensory activities using a variety of different flowers. 

On the way back to nursery the children stopped to watch a tractor in the field. We love being out and about, you never know what you will see on our working farm and estate gardens!

It is a very important to us at Grasshoppers that the children learn about the environment. We need to have a good understanding  and appreciation of our environment and help to inspire future generations about farming, the countryside and where our food comes from. To learn more click here