Lambs and things

We have been very busy this week, we had a visit from some lambs, we made a bug hotel, we set up a vegetable shop and planted beanstalks following an interest in Jack and the beanstalk. 

We were very lucky this week when the shepherd from Overbury enterprises popped in to see us with a couple of lambs. To find out more about the farm click here

The children stroked them and Tom told us all about them. 

We have been using real tools to make a bug hotel for our garden, cutting up bamboo and using old sheep's wool and pine cones to make a cosy home for the insects.

Our toddlers have been reading Oliver's vegetables and today they played in their own vegetable shop in the garden, choosing and weighing vegetables.

We have also been planting beans following an interest in Jack and the bean stalk. The beans are stuck to the window so that the children can watch them grow roots and shoots. If you would like to try this experiment at home click here for more information