Incy Wincy spider

Today the children have been out and about on a spider hunt.

We went on a walk to see if we could find any spiders, we saw lots of webs but no one was home.

We did find some ants that were busy running around on the stones.

We went to see Harry in the gardens and he found some worms, he told us how important they are for the soil. Click here to find out why.

Whilst we were there we saw the lovely fox tail lillies that are growing in the garden, they had lots of bees visiting them for their lovely pollen. 

We looked in the fruit cages to see if we could see any spiders, there were lots of lovely ripe berries but we couldn't see any insects. 

Whilst we were in the gardens Harry asked us to help plant some beanstalks.

We had to dig a hole, put the plant in, fill it back up with soil then pat it down to make it firm.