Vegetables and fruit galore

The children have been visiting the kitchen gardens today for a talk with Sarah about the things they grow.

Sarah showed us around the raised beds and picked us a fresh lettuce to take back to nursery


Sarah talked to us about all the things growing including courgettes, raspberries, strawberries and cabbages, some of them were under nets and in cages to prevent the birds and caterpillars from eating them. The children noticed that something had nibbled some of the lettuces and they suggested it was rabbits or snails. 


The children thought it looked like Mr Mcgregors garden when Peter rabbit visited it. 

Sarah showed us a special plant called a cinderella pumpkin and the children are very excited to see if it turns into a magical coach.

Sarah also gave us some carrots to have with our lunch which the children helped prepare by washing the dirt off.


There are so many advantages for children who learn about growing their own food and it often encourages them to try new things when they are involved in the growing and preparation, for more information click here