Busy Busy Busy !

Its been a busy couple of weeks at nursery with the first signs of Spring erupting all around us and lots of children welcoming new baby brothers and sisters. 

With so many new babies being born, the role play area has become a baby clinic. The children have been weighing their babies and taking notes on their development.

Because we haven't been able to visit our favourite cafes and restaurants the children have been socialising over tea and cake at nursery. 

We have been bird spotting after making bird feeders for our bird table. If you want to identify the most common British birds click here

We have been out in the fresh air burning off any excess energy. There are many benefits of exercise in the early years click here for more information

We have been enjoying snack outside.

We even managed to find time to make some apple crumble with the apples we picked and froze last year.

A very busy couple of weeks.